Arkansas Medical Mandated Reporting

2019 Arkansas Code
Title 12 – Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Military Affairs
Subtitle 2 – Law Enforcement Agencies and Programs
Chapter 12 – Crime Reporting and Investigations
Subchapter 6 – Knife and Gunshot Wound Reporting
§ 12-12-602. Report of Treatment Required

(a) All physicians, surgeons, hospitals, druggists, or other persons or entities that render first aid treatment to a person shall report as provided in subsection (b) of this section if they treat or receive in the hospital a case of a:

    • (1) Knife or gunshot wound when the knife or gunshot wound appears to have been intentionally inflicted; or
    • (2) Burn wound that could reasonably be connected to criminal activity that is:
      • (A) A second or third degree burn to five percent (5%) or more of a person’s body; or
      • (B) A burn to a person’s upper respiratory tract or laryngeal edema due to the inhalation of super-heated air.