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Do You Have a Significant Medical Finding to Report?

The Training Institute for Strangulation Prevention with Dr. William Smock and our Forensic Medical Committee are collecting case studies on strangulation from around the nation.

This form can be completed multiple times if you have more than one case.

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Are You Conducting Forensic Assessments of Strangulation Patients?

The Training Institute for Strangulation Prevention is gathering information about SANEs, FNEs, SARTs, SAFEs and other providers who perform Strangulation Assessments on their patients. We have created a brief survey to collect data from providers. We are asking all healthcare providers who may see victims of strangulation to take the survey so they can better understand the current practices in place for identifying and addressing the needs of these patients.

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Do you see Pediatric and Adolescent Patients?

We have imaging recommendations for adults, now it is time to focus our attention on children who are strangled. At this time, there is a paucity of medical literature to support guidelines or best practice for evaluating pediatric/adolescent patients who have been strangled. With this survey, we hope to obtain a sense of current practices of radiologic evaluation of these patients. There are no right answers. We simply want to ascertain how you currently practice.

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