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The Last Warning Shot - Colorado Roll Call Video


Recommendations for Medical/Radiographic Evaluation of Acute Adult, Non-Fatal Strangulation

Domestic Violence PSA: Strangulation (English)

If you or someone you know if being abused, please get help:

1-888-DV-LINKS (1-888-385-4657)

Domestic Violence PSA: Strangulation (Spanish)

Casey Gwinn, President of Alliance for HOPE International discusses the life-saving work of the Training Institute.

NOVA Webinar for Advocates

How professionals approach, interview and support a traumatized victim is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse and improving our investigation, prosecution and advocacy. The use of an advocate is critical to a victim’s emotional state and ability to heal from the violence. This recorded webinar with our CEO Gael Strack addresses how all professionals can help victims understand the trauma they have experienced, the seriousness and lethality of non-fatal strangulation, how to make good use of risk assessment tools, better use of the power & control wheel, the urgency of seeking medical attention, and how to advocate for screening for traumatic brain injuries in order to promote their health and safety. This session also shares practical tips for working with reluctant victims, new research and new tools.

Change Agent Podcast

The Change Agent Podcast is hosted by Carey Watson, a ObGyn doctor at Kaiser Permanente in northern California. In this podcast, Carey interviews our CEO Gael Strack on her work leading the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention and her role as the CEO of Alliance for HOPE International. The podcast covers the history of the Institute and its significant contributions to the field of strangulation. The podcast also covers the training offered by the Institute, and two other programs of Alliance for HOPE International: the National Family Justice Center and Camp HOPE America.