Missouri Arrest Laws

455.085.  Arrest for violation of order — penalties — good faith immunity for law enforcement officials

  1. When a law enforcement officer hasprobable cause to believe a party has committed a violation of law amounting to domestic violence, as defined in section 455.010, against a family or household member, the officer may arrest the offending party whether or not the violation occurred in the presence of the arresting officer.  When the officer declines to make arrest pursuant to this subsection, the officer shall make a written report of the incident completely describing the offending party, giving the victim’s name, time, address, reason why no arrest was made and any other pertinent information.  Any law enforcement officer subsequently called to the same address within a twelve-hour period, who shall find probable cause to believe the same offender has again committed a violation as stated in this subsection against the same or any other family or household member, shall arrest the offending party for this subsequent offense.