Pediatric Strangulation

Pediatric Brochure

Victim Brochure for Parents and Caregivers of strangled children. The pediatric version of the Training Institute’s “Facts of Strangulation” brochure.

Instructions for how to get a custom Facts Brochure.

Pediatric Signs and Symptoms of Strangulation

Pediatric version of Signs and Symptoms of Strangulation handout.

Pediatric Strangulation Discharge Instructions

Because your child has reported being “choked” or strangled follow up instructions.

Pediatric Non-Fatal Strangulation PhotoDocumentation Protocol 2017

Secure Digital Forensic Imaging (SDFI) Non-Fatal Strangulation PhotoDocumentation Protocol.

Pediatric-Adolescent Follow-up Evaluation

Pediatric-Adolescent Follow-up Evaluation

Pediatric Strangulation Bibliography

Pediatric Strangulation Bibliography coming soon…