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Georgia (2014)

Goodwin v. State, 262 Ga. 903 (1993)

Roughhousing at work between two women. Female 1 pushed Female 2. F2 chokes F1. F1 dies. F2 says it was an accident. Examiner believes F1 died of carotid sinus stimulation. F1 had no visible injuries. F2 Convicted of manslaughter. Sentenced to 20 years.

Hughes v State (2004, Georgia) 266 Ga. App. 203

Choking and strangulation mean the same thing (for purposes of the statute).

Maxwell v. State (Feb 2019) 348 Ga. App. 870

A police officer was trained to use chokehold as a defensive tactic. The hold can render someone unconscious by restricting the blood flow to the brain Using the prosecutor in a demonstration, the Officer showed the jury the type of chokehold he saw the defendant apply on the victim

He testified that the chokehold the defendant applied is dangerous, and it can cause loss of consciousness and death.

If not applied correctly, the hold could crush the trachea and kill the victim.

At trial, the victim recanted. The defendant claimed self defense and said he was just trying to calm her down.

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