Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Tribal Code

71.711 Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm.

(1) Offense. A person commits the crime of assault with intent to do great bodily harm if the person:

(a) Assaults another person with intent to do great bodily harm, less than the crime of Homicide .

(b) Assaults another person by strangulation or suffocation. Strangulation or suffocation means intentionally impeding normal breathing or circulation of the blood by applying pressure on the throat or neck or by blocking the nose or mouth of another person.

(2) This section does not prohibit a person from being charged with, convicted of, or punished for any other violation of law arising out of the same conduct as the violation of this section.

(3) Proof of actual injury is not necessary but may be taken into consideration in deciding whether someone intended to cause great bodily harm.

(4) Sentence. A person convicted of Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm may be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not to exceed one (1) year or a fine not to exceed Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), or both.