by Sloan Smith

Mother of teenager writes COP “trying to understand, justify and figure out the rationale behind what that monster did”

Victim and 24-year-old boyfriend expected to appear in court on Thursday

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police are investigating a viral video of a 19-year-old woman being choked by a man believed to be a plainclothes police officer outside a bar on Delancy Street on Saturday night.

The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows the young woman being held against a vehicle by the man, with his two hands wrapped around her throat. 

The man can be heard shouting “give me a next handcuff“ and also shouts to the person recording the video: “Give me that phone.” 

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle told Eyewitness News that the video has been brought to his attention and he has instructed an investigation to be carried out to determine what occurred.

Eyewitness News understands the young woman and her 24-year-old boyfriend were arrested over the weekend by officers after leaving a popular bar and were charged with multiple offenses. 

In a letter to the commissioner, the woman’s mother said she decided to share the video that was taken by her daughter’s friend. 

She said the other young woman took the video because she wanted “a safeguard in case something fatal would have happened to her”.

While she said she was advised not to discuss the matter in detail because it is still under investigation, she is thankful for the “recently deleted” feature of the iPhone mobile device that allowed her daughter’s friend to retrieve the recording.

“I cannot begin to tell you the depth of hurt I felt and still [am] feeling as a mother while watching my child I prayed to God for being forcefully gripped by the neck with two large hands that completely suffocated her…and aggressively pressing her body against a car,” she wrote. 

She noted that she watched her daughter’s “frail body being yanked like a ragged (sic) doll while it was evident she could not breathe”.

“My only question to that monster is: ‘Supposed you crushed the bones in her throat or broken her neck?’ There is nothing you can ever say to me at this point to justify what you did.” 

The young woman’s mother said there are so many questions running through her mind about the incident as she is “trying to understand, justify and figure out the rationale behind what that monster did”. 

“I am pleading to you, sir, commissioner of police, to please start investigation (sic) all these cases with people complaining of police officers abusing their power and the corruption of some police officers,” she added.

“…I am not looking for any sympathy. All I want is a fair trial and justice for my daughter in the way this arrest was handled.” 

The young woman and her boyfriend are appear expected to appear in court on Thursday. 

This comes as Pedro Morley was recently awarded over $82,000 in damages after he was assaulted by a police officer and held at gunpoint in 2019.

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