The Institute offers a variety of San Diego-based, on-site, and online webinar-based trainings for all family violence and sexual assault professionals.

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Attendees of our trainings learn how to: identify the signs and symptoms of near-fatal strangulation cases; understand and recognize the anatomy and medical aspects of surviving and non-surviving victims; investigate and document cases for prosecution; prosecute cases, including using experts in court; and, most importantly, enhance victim safety through trauma-informed advocacy services.

Outcomes from past training sessions have reflected an increased awareness in cases involving strangulation; improved documentation and investigation of strangulation cases; increased prosecution of felony and misdemeanor strangulation cases; and increased offender accountability and victim safety.

Our courses are flexible and can be structured to meet the needs of your community, including offering multiple days of training on various topics. To learn more about the scope of our strangulation training, other training topics we provide or to obtain a budget proposal , please click here.

Trainings We Provide:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Workshops at Conferences
  • One Day Courses
  • Multiple Day Courses
  • Webinars (Video and Audio)
  • Four Day Advanced Strangulation Course 

What People Are Saying About Our Trainings:

Advanced Strangulation Prevention Course:

“I attended the strangulation course in February and I believe it changed my practice as a forensic nurse more than any other workshop or course I have ever attended.”

“I feel re-energized!”

“The awareness of the dynamics of strangulation [as an investigator] is paramount to do justice to victims.”

“The entire [Institute] staff and faculty work great together. You compliment each other and know your stuff.”

“The course is both informative – filled my statistical and knowledge arsenol – and motivational.”

“Their passion is contagious!”

“I’m nearly emotional from the work, organization, knowledge sharing, and charisma that has been put into this training. It is by far the most impressive and effective train-the-trainer course I’ve ever been to.”

“I was learning every second. And being able to network was so fantastic and encouraging.”

“I LOVE that this training provides materials for us to bring back to and train our own community.”

On-Site Trainings:

Hospital/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Training:

“I am so grateful for the work that NFJCA has done on behalf of all victims.  I’m especially appreciative of the benefit to our patients who are seen by our SANE program.”

State/Regional Trainings:

“Your leadership, training and tireless advocacy set the stage for passing legislation in our state. Thanks on behalf of all the victims here you have helped stay safer. ” (Attendee – Maine Statewide Training)

“This was the best training I have ever received in my career. I wish there was more time so I could learn more about every aspect of strangulation.” (Attendee – Idaho Statewide Training)

Military Trainings:

“I feel so much more competent knowing different medical terms and definitions as well as know how strangulation affects the brain and other parts of the body. I will take this info and spread it like wildfire!”

“The training was absolutely amazing, with great information. Knowing the details of what to look for is extremely helpful and I think this training should be mandatory! Eye opening.”